Civitas™ has a messaging feature that allows Civitas administrators to communicate with users and vice-versa. Messaging can be used to notify users about system updates and issues and for users to contact Civitas system administrators with feedback, problems, and questions.

When you click on the Messaging tab, the window displays both unread messages and messages you read, but did not delete. To view a message, click on it and the message details will appear in the window. After you read the message, delete it by clicking the Delete  button or retain it by clicking the Finished  button.

Messages can also be deleted directly from the message list by clicking Delete  next to the message.

To send a message to Civitas administrators, click the Contact Us  button on the left side of the window. This opens a message form in the window. Select the program and subject your message pertains to from the drop-down lists and enter your question or comment in the text field. When you are finished, click the Send  button.

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